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August 20, 2007



"How encouraging to those of us who don't have it all figured out! "

That's how I feel, too. Sometimes I feel like a terrible witness because I don't have the apologetics all figured out and ready. It's sometimes hard to explain to people why I believe.I think it's great to see this example in the bible of someone who is effective just by believing Jesus and telling others about Him.


This story is a wonderful example of how those who know Jesus for even the shortest amount of time can be exceptional witnesses and when simple faith is better than all the book knowledge.

However, at the risk of poking a nest of hornets (actually I have missed debating these kinds of things with you), I don't agree with you on the idea that the woman wasn't convinced. The conversation with Jesus about living water, where God should be worshiped and her understanding of a coming messiah all lead up to the point where Jesus says "I am he" (v 26).

This would be one of those times where I really like the KJV transalation of verse 29: "is not this the Christ?" Rather than seeming unsure of who Jesus is, this sounds more like a question of wonder and awe. It is the question of astonishment as you turn to the person next to you and ask "did this just happen?" while witnessing something incredible that just occured.


"I don't agree with you on the idea that the woman wasn't convinced."

You may be right. It's easy for us to read too much into a text in the process of interpreting it. It looks like we agree on the basic point of my post nonetheless, so I'm afraid you'll have to wait a little longer for a good debate! ;-)


You are so no fun. And I'm bored today.


lol...meanwhile, I'm back in full swing between this blog and the re-instated Samson blog that I used to run for my family.

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