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March 11, 2007



Happy Birthday!! Now that you're a "full-fledged " you must avoid the "slippery slope" to mature and responsible!



Happy birthday!!

I am sure she is sooooo happy you posted her age on the internet. ;-)


Thanks guys!


You are indeed the coolest sister-in-law I have! ;) Does this mean that next year I have to become a "full-fledged" adult as well? I don't think I'm ready for that! I miss you guys!


It's scary to think you haven't been an adult all this time!!!!
I love you, girl! Now that you've FINALLY reached my age bracket, we can start working our way backwards! Or maybe I'll just start working my way backwards & in a couple years we'll be the same age!! (and then you can get older than me after that!) :)


Happy Birthday. Yes - God richly blessed you with a beautiful wife. However, on the adult thing - I beg to differ. Who set thirty as the adult age - boo hiss. I do believe our hearts can be rather Peter Pan-ish - lol. My wrinkles belie the child within :) May y'all's day be blessed. Southern plural possessive.


Dude, I know she's cool. I am wondering if she thinks you are cool - because I do.


Kyle! What's up, man?


Nothing. Just wondering when you are coming back to Cali... ;)

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