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February 12, 2007



Sink or swim Bill! (hope you swim)


You'll do fine. Just don't turn your back on them. ;-)


How dare she - lol! No one is asking you to do the butterfly right off - doggie paddling will suffice - best yet - float. Some of the best advice I ever got as a new teacher (in the classroom two days after being hired for a teacher that the kids ran off) "If you go in expecting a war - you'll get one." Going in at this time of the year you become the maintenance teacher - these kids may not ever be "your" kids. That's hard to explain - but next year's kids will be all yours. There's a huge difference. Looking forward to hearing the good report.


Thanks, Lillium. This job only lasts till June. I have to find something for the Fall so there can be a "my" kids!

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