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September 11, 2006



Interesting thoughts Bill. However, I would like to suggest a more scientific explanation: a Probability Theory. The fact is that we tend to spend more time with the people that we love than we do with strangers. So, for argument's sake, lets say that for every 5 minutes you spend with a stranger, you spend an hour with a loved one. If your tendency to get impatient is relatively constant, then your loved ones are 12 times as likely to be the victim of your impatience than a stranger is. Maybe this is a cheap explanation, but I was thinking about what you said and realized that I lose my patience with people all the time, whether they be co-workers, students, or loved ones. I really do think that, regardless of your relationship with the person, the more time you spend with someone, the greater the chance that you will lose your patience. So in my view, it's not about learning to love the person for who they are, it's about minimizing the time you spend with loved ones..AT ALL COST! (just kidding)


I may become impatient with strangers on the inside, but I am less likely to show it.


Ah, but maybe if you spent more time with them, you would have a harder time keeping it bottled up inside.


I'm with A. The less time spent with family, the better. (except, of course for my beautiful, loving, patient, did I say beautiful wife.) ;-)

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