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September 23, 2006



Apology accepted! We love you!


Ouch! Love may not be irritable, but I certainly am! I think I tend to let it show more with the people I love than anyone else. I often wonder why it is that we show more restraint when dealing with people we are not close to. It frustrates me because it is such a backward way to be.


I know what you mean, Tom. I am exactly the same way. I have no problem blowing up at the people I am the closest with, yet show (at least on the outside) patience and understanding to others outside that circle.
Something I definitely need to work on - although its helped not living in the same house as my loved ones - lol!


I think it comes down to the fact that they are the people you are most comfortable with. To a certain point, you are beyond worrying what they think. They'll love you no matter what. (misguided way to think, just look at our divorce rate) Doesn't excuse it, just explains it.



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