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September 05, 2006



It is sooo easy to give this lip service (and I've seen a lot of it). We say we should love everyone but when that new person who's a little different sits down next to us in the pew, we (maybe only mentally) scooch away from them.

We hear comments in building committee meetings like "This is a million dollar facility, we can't let just anyone in."

We get upset when something gets broken by the youth group instead of praising God that there was an unchurched teen there hearing about God.

We take cheap shots at eachother over issues instead of trying to understand the other person's point of view. (believe it or not but I have been guilty of this once or twice in my life)

Jesus said to love thy neighbor as thyself. Sounds simple until you actually try to do it.

Ish Engle

Funny how Jesus' way sounds so much easier than that of the legalist, but is SO much harder.

Love is hard. Rules are easy. Let's not take the easy way, but the way that is hard, narrow, and rarely travelled.


If it was easy, everybody would be doing it. :-)

I rarely find the popular approach to be the correct one.


Love isn't just the purpose, it is the point.

Ish Engle

To quote Tom Hanks in "A League of Their Own", "Hard is what makes it fun."


Thanks for your comments, guys. I've been away on business for a few days, but hope to continue this series starting tomorrow.

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