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September 12, 2006



When does being "helpful" cross the line into "correcting"?


I'm not sure what you mean. Are you implying that correcting is wrong? I think it's necessary. I think you can correct someone in a kind way, but it's difficult to do!


I think that often people correct others, not in the biblical way, but just because they don't like what the other is doing. It goes further than helping but not into full biblical correction. I guess rather than helping, they are showing the "right" way. (I was just exploring inner motives)

Ish Engle

I agree with deborah, the issue seems to be one of internal motivations -- am I helping because I want glory, I want it done "my way" or because I truly see danger/bad things if the other person continues in their way?

This, IMO, is the question of kindness. Am I doing this for them or for me?


That's true. I also think we have to be cautious, however, even if we are trying to be helpful in a good way. Helpfulness can sometimes backfire!

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