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September 27, 2006



There's nothin better than seeing that little boy smile! Love you Liam!

James & Julie

Cute! We see how it is... you move back to the East Coast so you can continue to train Liam in the dark side of the Force. After the Darth helmet it'll be a Yankees hat, and then... :)

What was the cake supposed to be? We couldn't tell from your camera angle. Just curious.

Thanks for sharing! Happy birthday, Liam!


It was an M&M guy.


I can't get over how much Liam has grown. Watching that video makes me realize how long it's been since we've seen you guys, something we need to remedy very soon. You and Val are truly blessed, Liam is a beautiful boy. Keep up the great work.
And Liam, "Use The Force". If not, simply use that smile as I'm sure it will work just as well (especially on grandparents)


Hey Dant! Great to see ya here! We have to get together....email us!

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