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August 15, 2006



My Valerie Top 5:
1) We speak the same language (I am not referring to English).
2) She knows how to love people well!
3) She is supportive and yet brave enough to tell you when you're making a bad choice.
4) She is tough, but very sweet about it (usually ;))
5) She is so much fun and "they just don't mak'em like that" too often!!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY DEAR FRIENDS!!! (It's still one of my most favorite wedding receptions! Those Arnold/Samson boys can dance!)


Laura...thanks sweetness....love you so much!

To my sweet prince...versa! I love you to the moon and back. 8 and counting, I love you more then I can say!

Ken Silva

Dear Bill and Valerie,

A sincere congratulations on your anniversary and prayer that the Lord will richly bless you with every rich blessing He has for you both. Happy Anniversary :-)


Thanks, Ken.


Congrats! That is one patient lady (just kidding).


That sure was a great day. I can't believe it's 8 years already. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!!!


And to think, she let you spend half the day on the computer!


Top 5 reasons why I love Bill & Val:

1.) They live in NJ

1.) Without them, we wouldn’t have met Liam.

3.) They make everything fun!

4.) Their demonstration of unconditional love toward each other, Liam and everyone else they meet is inspiring.

5.) The only people I can think of who don’t wanna kill you when you’re knocking on their bedroom door with a slight emergency at 4 am during their “Honeymoon”!

James & Julie

Happy anniversary from your friends at Allelous!


Thanks, guys!


Thanks all!


Jennie....you are sweet!


Oh congratulations you guys! We miss you here in Pasadena. Erin had a Poncho-like meltdown yesterday in Bed Bath and Beyond, evidently. Boston seems to be getting the best of her. I think we need the calming presence of Val - one of my top 5 things I love about Val. Everything is going to be okay when she's around. Love you!


Hey Guys,
Just got back from the shore. Took Jan and the kids down for one last "hurrah" before school starts. (It's the most wonderful time of the year - typed in my best Perry Como. The kids really hate when I sing this at the start of the school year. Not sure if it's the song itself or my voice.). Anyway just wanted to say happy anniversary to a great couple. Hope all is well and welcome back to NJ .... the right coast.


Thanks, Dant. We'll have to get together with you guys sometime!

Richard Marlow

I don't know how I got here, wow! Anyway, happy anniversary.

Randall K

August 15? What a great day to get married! Except it was 104F (in So Cal) that day when I wed my beautiful bride. :P

8 years? I guess that you're no longer newlyweds, but may your wonderment of the love that you share always be new!


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