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August 17, 2006



One of my favorites would have to be "Mephibosheth". Having heard PF refer to this person in a sermon one day, I tried desperately to get my cousin Kimmy to use this name for her new daughter. Alas, she chose to go with "Hannah Elizabeth" instead, but lil Hannah will always be known as "Mephib" to be.


Just an FYI: Mephibosheth is a boy's name. He's the son of Jonathan who was lame in both feet.


It's true, though. He did sincerely try to get Kimmy to call her Mephibosheth and I don't think he cares that it's a boy's name. But notice that she did use Biblical names, anyway - both of them. Adam, I thought she was going to be "Phibby."


And she never considered Oholibamah?


When my wife was pregnant we joked we'd name our kid Joash, then we could say "get joash to the dinner table, get Joash to the tub.."

Other than that if I had my drothers I would name my next kid Hezikiah but nobidy else wants to..


lol...Nice one, Jason.

Abi Carlisle-Wilke

Oh this is good.

Cordelia's Mother

I thought I remembered and I just looked it up -- my 9th great-grandfather Josiah Sanborn had a brother named Mephibosheth! (Born 1663) I also have ancestors named Meribah (a woman) and Abiezer (a man). But no one with my favorite name, Keren-happuch, which Hitchcock says is "horn of beauty" and there is some translation that calls it "Eyeshadow."

Pastor Astor

I know I am very late to this post, but I just have to add my favourite: Mattan. Which means "the carpet" in swedish.

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