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August 24, 2006



I would say I stand in agreement with this idea. Religion is a word with a negative vibe around it(sounds psychadelic :)). I don't want my walk with Jesus to be a steel path that has been defined by a religion. I want to go where He leads...wherever that is. I do believe we can be too open-minded in the journey and wind up following something that we thought was Jesus but wasn't in reality...it looked good, it appealed (much like the apple) but it wasn't what God intended for us. In so doing we may have confounded others or drug them with us, so we need to be cautious, very cautious.
We need to be very sensitive to the Holy Spirit and quiet enough to listen. We need to take a "time out" and devote serious prayer to things that are "foreign" ideas. And we need to measure them up to what God has said, which does not waiver or change. If I hear something that is against "my religion"...I ponder it's validity. If I hear something that is not Biblical (and of course this requires being able to differentiate the 2), it's pretty safe to say I give it little to no additional thought as it requires none.
Jesus took the "religion" of His day and turned it upside down. He spoke with authority and respect but was certainly a panic attack in the making for the religious law-makers and strict law-upholders. He surprised them with what He did and said. I don't want to hold Him in a little box, but I also don't want to be swayed by every breeze that blows. The Bible, prayer and "talking it out with God" (which requires being quiet enough; hushing my own ramblings to hear His) are the best ways I know to decipher truth.


I agree we can be "too open-minded" in the sense that we can turn our brains off and just go with what sounds good. I still like the Wesleyan Quadrilateral that I've harped on: scripture, tradition, reason, experience.

In my mind, religion falls into the tradition category. It's saying, "Well this is the way we've always followed God." We can learn from those things, but they need to be held in tension with scripture, reason, and experience.

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