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August 30, 2006



We don't get enough of you here?

;-) (kidding!)


I use this editor. You pick the settings, it generates the code, you insert it into the "About Me" section of your profile. Simple and straightforward.

If you want to see an example, this is myspace.


Well William, my personal opinion is that you do need to alter the home page. In your about section you have: "William's goal is to work with directors to enhance the emotional impact of the story through the use of music. His goal, at this stage in his career, is to combine audio samples with a small number of live players."

You should consider changing the wording so you don't use goal as the second word in both sentences. (same with "listening" in the next paragraph - you could simply drop the second listening since you established that as the topic with the first one) I notice this because it is one of my biggest weaknesses when I write.

Other than that, it looks good. It is sad that you have no friends.


I tried to be a friend, but refuse to create an account. ( It seems to very elitist; why can't I be your friend if I'm not on MySpace?)

:-( We could have had so much fun.



Thanks for the help.


I'm glad you picked up on that. I'll make some changes. I don't know why, but writing that thing was like pulling teeth. I'll probably end up rewriting the whole thing at some point.



I didn't realize how easily you would give up on being my friend. :*-(


Believe me, I understand how hard those things are to write. My about page is driving me crazy.


I have a friend! I have a friend!

A special thank you to James of Allelous, the intentional community we lived in during our stay in Pasadena, California.


Yeah, Bill finally has a friend!!!


Hey, I tried! But he only wants MySpace-ites.


It sounds to me like the myspace people have become too exclusive. Perhaps we should form a counter group called the AllSpace conversation, where we accept everyone from all the blog sites with equality and not having to agree to a terms and conditions faith statement.


Hey - that last comment was mine! Stupid typepad.


Bill, the Myspace is a tricky world.. Careful, it may be a tool of the devil, I'm still investigating that one. But it can be used for the forces of good, and to locate old friends as well..but with caution..


I'm not sure how to take your comment, Jason. Are you being facetious?

In any case, I'm using MySpace solely as a place to refer potential film scoring clients until I can afford the time and/or money to put up a better personal website.

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