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August 11, 2006



Sooooo, you are asking us to give you a list...of lists. Just checking. ;-)

Music styles
TV shows


I meant ideas specifically for lists of films.


Sorry Bill, but I would have made the same error after reading your post.


That's cool. I'll add an update to try to make it more clear!


Well, you didn't really do suspense thrillers! I was waiting for that category. You did more of action thriller genre.
Then there's always westerns :) We didn't tackle THAT category!


I think I intended that to be included under the list I called "Scary Movies."

I don't really watch "horror" movies much anymore, so that list was supposed to include "suspense" films.

Am I understanding your suggestion? Maybe you could list a couple of examples.


Like Flightplan or Dead Again... you know things that are really suspenseful... you think you know what's what and who's who and then it all flip-flops. That kind of movie!


Did you do "worst movies" or unwatchable movies. I remember "Romancing the Stone", I couldn't sit through it, I was on a plane and they were showing it and I almost wanted the plane to crash.

Hey, maybe we could move on to "songs". you know favorite hymns, favorite country songs, favorite dance songs, pop songs, rock songs, heavy metal etc. (or did I miss that one already to).


"Romancing the Stone" was a classic! That guy with his "little mule" and then the sequal "Jewell of the nile" .. Now "Superwoman" that movie was unwatchable...


My list of bad movies is here.

Maybe I'll do an "unwatchable" list, too.

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