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August 14, 2006



I too like where he is going with this statement:

"While [emerging Church] is a useful term, the word 'Church' can be quite misleading, since the movement is not so much developing a distinct religious tradition within Christianity, but rather is re-introducing ideas ideas that help to both revitalize already existing religious traditions and build bridges between them. (xiv-xv)"

In fact, this is how I have been viewing the conversation all this while for my own pilgrimage and minstry. My frustration often is when I see critics superimpose their "expectations" or "misinformed assumptions" or "hypothetical scenarios" which miss the point (and many other points) all together. That becomes tiring.

But the original intention springing out from what Rollin's quote is saying and what you affirm in your post ... now that's energizing!


So is this like a book club? We can all get a copy and talk about it here at your blog. That might be fun. :)


It becomes very annoying when critics of the EC point to some particular church and criticize their practices. It also annoys me when the EC is blamed for being "seeker-sensitive" because that's not at all what I imagine the conversation to be about. Then again, if certain churches call themselves "emerging" and are obviously like that, what can I say?

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