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August 23, 2006



hope you find some work that not only pays the bills but gives you a sence of satisfaction.


I was sure you would qualify for some agricultural job! The Arts? Makes no sense to me - lol!


I was so mad. It basically asked me what I liked and then told me to try that. Hmmm...I hadn't thought of that approach! ;-)


Now that you've wasted $8...

James & Julie

Speaking of artsy stuff, how close to completion is the promised Arnolds Across America video? :) We can't wait to see it.


Hey J&J....how's Cali?


I hate to say it, but I may never make good on that promise. I had over an hour's worth of footage, but it's nothing too exciting to look at.


Much grace to you looking for a job. Tons.

James & Julie

One hour of footage and nothing exciting? I'm not sure I believe that. Surely there must have been a sighting of the Easter chicken or something...

SoCal is great, like, ya know, temps back near the triple digits, like, omigosh, procrastinating on homework, etc., etc. Yeah. Totally.

Like, yeah, I will be SO dead if I don't get back to this research paper... peace out from your homies in the NW Pas hood!


:-) Sorry it's been so hot there. We've had fairly nice weather on the whole.

I may get around to the video footage one of these days. It will be nice to have it edited for future viwing.


Hey try http://myfuture.edu.au

Its an Australian site, but has a very in depth and accurate analasys based on skills, interests, psychological profile, etc...

There are heaps of tests and you can combine them all together and get suggestions for jobs. It's very accurate!


Thanks, Coops, maybe I'll check it out.

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