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August 17, 2006


Just Me

I agree with Rollins that the message of revelation is: "not simple, singular or able to be mastered." (16) But do not believe that its correlative is: "an infinite number of interpretations can be made." (I'm not saying Bill said this.)

Too often in our post-modern, deconstructionist world we are told that all interpretations are valid, but if the artist being interpreted were "honest," I believe that (s)he would say that not all interpretations are "correct." God knows his purposes for revelation - and revelation goes way beyond the Scriptures, by the way - and our transformation is certainly one of them, He tells us so. But there's so much more. I love Rollins's statement that revelation can be "experienced as infinitely rich treasures that can speak to us in a plurality of ways." (17) God is truly an incredible, awesome artist.


I agree that all interpretations cannot be correct. I'm willing to bet that Rollins would , too.

I think we need a healthy balance between absolutism and relativism here. There are certain things that God IS NOT. At the same time, He seems to resist any box we might try to place Him in.

As I said in this post, I like the way Rollins views the Bible as containing a plurality of views about God. If we can see this, it sets us free from trying to harmonize them all in a final way. Perhaps we can try to paint a picture of God, using the resources we have, but we will never end up with anything like a photograph (although even photographs give us a more subjective view of reality than many realize).

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