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August 22, 2006



My mind is traveling everywhere... but here are a few starting thoughts:

I love the "aroma" word...it is kind of like "being salt"...but just connotes such a warmth. Very good!

While WE can't exactly provide the food as that is God's role...we are in a sense the wait staff, however. We "bring on" the food for many, we represent the food...so maybe we're also in the food sales business ;)

I don't want to ONLY be an aroma and then leave people hanging for Satan to just take their longings and misplace them. When people get hungry, they'll search anywhere for food and what they settle for might be loaded with transfats and sugar instead of the good food!!

We can't just make'em hunger and then say, "Cool...you're in the right direction for food! Now let's sit and talk about what food might be like and how good it could taste and how it might fill your achin' belly." NO! They are hungry!!! Not particularly time to waste...show them exactly where the food is, watch them eat and wipe their mouths when they spill :)

We need to be reverent of the fact that Christ could return any day. If you want to reach people and your church isn't out there doing it...inspire them to. Join one of the million opportunities out there to go where people are in need. There is seriously no lack of opportunity if you want one. They're just trying to get people saved and don't really care about the people?? Nonsense, I say... get involved and find out for yourself how much well-diggers, food-servers, house-builders, pregnancy test-takers, etc. care for the people they serve!

Be an aroma AND bring on the food!!!


Our lives are supposed to be the aroma. People should be looking at Christians and wondering what we have that they don't. Then when they are hungry, direct them to God. How that fits in with Jesus telling us to "feed his sheep", I'm not sure. It seems that instead of a step-by-step process, it should be a multi-tasking event.

Regarding Rollings taking his ideas too far, that could be where his philosophy background comes into play. Often, philosphy teachers focus only on the questions, rather than the answers.

And lastly, if the ec turns out to just be aroma, then its critics would be valid, for it would have just left people hungry. They need to at least provide a sign for the buffet.

(For some silly reason I have a picture of Homer Simpson sniffing and saying "MMMMMMM Dooonnnuuutttsss...." in my head.)


Good point, Deb. Otherwise it would just be "theological seed-spilling" to borrow Georges' cleaner version of the phrase!


John 6:33 I am the bread of life, no one who comes to me will ever be hungry again, those who believe in me will never thirst.



Good quote. So we can't say that we have food to offer. The food is Jesus. Rollins is saying that we should help people to hunger and thirst for him as opposed to our man-made solutions, which includes "religion."



My response to r brings me back to a question that I was trying to raise in my last post:

When we try to "get people saved" are we really offering them the bread of life? Are we giving them a hunger for Jesus or just assuaging a fear that they might suffer in the afterlife?


When you witness to individuals what do you say?
p.s. I think I like this conversaton over here better. :)


I guess that depends on how you define the word "witness." I think we can be a witness to Christ's goodness, love, etc. just by the way we live our daily lives. That doesn't mean conversation isn't important, though!

I don't think there's any set thing that I have in mind to say to people. It all depends on the context.

Sorry if it doesn't seem like I'm answering your question. If you want to give me a specific situation perhaps I could tell you what I might say or do in that situation.

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