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July 13, 2006



You look like you are about to burst into tears...either that or you're constipated.
Taking a picture of someone running a race is like taking a picture of someone eating or talking. It never looks pretty.

Just Me

What happened to best and worst TV remakes? The photo is an exact representation of how you looked, by the way - definitely NOT having "fun" at that point.


You just don't understand runners. Pain=exhilaration! ;-)


ha ha ha - love the pic!


I'm not sure, but it looks the like the runner in front of you may have had some bad Mexican food before the race, and passed a little gas right before you got there. And he caught you with your mouth open .....
(Sorry I have 2 small kids, and I coach 10 & 11 year old boys.....fart jokes are always funny)


Have you shaved your head????


To the skin! You must have missed this post. Or maybe you just didn't click on the link toward the end.


Funny title by the way...
I wouldn't ever use "Joy" and "Running" in the same statement - but that's just me ;o)


I agree Jennie, I try not to run unless I am being chased.


Drugs are bad, m'kay, but endorphins are good!




That's funny Deb! That's what I always say to people too. Even if I'm being chased, there's a chance I may not. lol!


Just remember, if you are running from an animal, monster, etc. you don't have to be the fastest runner...just faster than at least one other person in your group.

So, make friends with people who run slow if you are venturing into dangerous/scary/monster-infested places. And don't let them get between you and the escape route.


Looks like I'll be making some new friends!

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