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July 16, 2006


Just Me

I think I've only seen the Kevin Costner version. (Frank doesn't count - that wasn't REALLY Robin Hood.)


If Valerie knows who this dude is then I'm going to call it some kind of nepotismic conspiracy!!!
I think I've seen Errol Flynn as Robin Hood... but LOONNNGGG ago. Otherwise, it's all Disney... didn't see the red fox listed!


Brian Bedford played Robin Hood in the 1973 Disney version.

Just Me

Oh, in that case, the Brian Bedford version is my favorite - by far!


That's why I said that people should click on the names. What's the matter? Is it too much work for you people? ;-)


Personally, I spent too much time perusing bizarre Robin Hood websites tryin to search out the answer to your quiz... I do have a life, ya know! :)


That was kind of a hard one! The picture is of Alfred Lord Tennyson, who wrote a play based on the Robin Hood legend. Arthur Sullivan (of Gilbert & Sullivan) wrote incidental music, songs, and choruses for the play. Click here for more info.

robin hood

First of all there are NO satisfactory american versions of the Robin Hood legend. It's as ridiculous as the Brits doing Billy the Kid. Errol Flynn was fun, but he was being Flynn, not Robin. Costner was appalling.
Best Robin Hood film: "Robin and Marian" with Sean Connery as the aging hero.
Best TV version "Robin of Sherwood" with Michael Praed in the lead.
But Richard Greene remains the iconic imahe of Robin Hood.

Sean Connery

Thank you, thank you for the props, good Robin Hood. Did you happen to see my work as King Arthur in the film First Knight? I would be most obliged if you would respond to this fellow's blog in that category as well! Right now I appear to be 1:1.


robin hood,

I agree that there haven't been any good Amwerican renditions of the Robin Hood story. I do kind of enjoy the Disney version, though. I'll add Robin and Marian to my list, but I can't promise I'll get to it any day soon as I already have 70 films in my queue!

I'm glad that someone who has a whole blog devoted to Robin Hood as stopped by! Thanks for commenting.


Cary Ewels...Definitely.

"...we're butch."


I would like to see that one again. I'm not too sure if I've seen it all the way through. It's one of those movies that would have to pop up on TV or something, though.

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