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July 19, 2006



OKAY>>> I'm officially freaked out! I was just taking a shower thinking to myself, "Which character that I know nothing about will Beej pick for the next discussion?? Why can't he do something like Cinderella instead?" AND HERE IT IS, not 15 minutes later!!!!! Doodoodeedoo doodoodeedooo~~~~~~

Drew Barrymore gets my pick... I loved her in Everafter! I also loved Ella Enchanted... that movie was fun! The Disney classic is enchanting and wonderful, too!!

I don't know who the chick is in the picture.


Have to agree with Laura. I haven't seen any of the others.


My best would go to Ever After, also.

Just Me

Yeah, but that's because if Val hadn't married you you would have chosen Drew! Ever After is awesome. I don't really like the Disney version much but it does have a wicked protagonist!


The photo is of Dame Judith Anderson who played the Vulcan High Priestess in Star Trek III : The Search for Spock. She was the wicked step in Cinderfella.
Cinderella has been characterized as a scary story aimed at one of our most primal childhood fears - losing one's parents and being raised by someone with a less benevolent, if not downright evil, nature. That it turns out well in the end in the Disney version with Cinderella getting the fella (prince) is in contrast to the darker German version I had to read in my high school German class in which all the evil steps die or suffer disfigurement and loss.
Such lovely stories to share with children.
BTW, safe travels. You'll be missed at TFB.


lol...you pass the bonus question with honors Ann!


Most of the kid's fairy tales were violent and evil. We seem to forget that. Today's kids grow up with the news, internet, and video games.... not much different. (ok...everyone sit down. Not looking to turn this into a pro/con disertation on video games or the internet.) ;-)

Dave Rattigan

It's Mrs Danvers! (Or is it Big Momma to Burl Ives's Big Daddy?)

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