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June 27, 2006


Just Me

Agreed - What outfit could you possibly carry that with anyway?


I would carry it while wearing my flag pants and copper green button down!


Talk about flashy!!!!?
What on earth? I think it's somewhat offensive somehow. Like scripture is just for Americans or some odd statement. I don't get it. I also can't relate to the teen magBibles... like let's pretend it's a girly makeup magazine but it's really the NT with beauty tips... what???


I'd actually like to have a Bible with no notes whatsoever. I don't even want the text printed in columns. Just give me book titles and chapter headings. I could even do without the verse numbers, just so that it reads more like a normal book.

Not that some of that other stuff isn't important, mind you. It just can be very distracting.


They do have a version of the Bible just like you are describing. I forget the exact name of it. I almost bought it at one point myself.


Oh, my chronological Bible is more or less like that. There are scene-setting notes before each segment as it's intended to be read in a year (yah, right! I've tried twice now). Other than that it's written more like a novel and I do love that, too! There are no verse numbers breaking up the text but they are offered in the margins. It's called the Daily Bible In Chronological Order published by Harvest House.

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