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June 10, 2006



Spaced Invaders, the only movie I have ever walked out on.


I would take O Brother off that list and replace it with The DaVinci Code.


I seem to remember that Spaced Invaders was really dumb, but somehow held my interest nonetheless!

A movie that Val and I walked out of was Kingpin, because it was so foul. Maybe I should add that to my list.

I know there are lots of "O Brother" fans out there, but I just didn't like it. I just remember being bored.

I haven't seen The Da Vinci Code yet, but it's saved on my Netflix list.

Dave Rattigan

I enjoyed The Phantom of the Opera. It had its faults, but I thought Gerard Butler captured the tension between tragic pathos and villainy very well.


I'm not an Andrew Lloyd Webber fan to begin with, Dave. I'm sure we can still be friends, though! ;-)


Just turned off "The New World" the other night - ugh! It was painful!

I liked "Sin City" because of its (and, yes, I believe this is a REAL word) comicbookness - but I hear ya on "Sky Captain"

Just watched one of my absolute FAVES last night - "Better Off Dead" - you can hate me, but I adore my John Cusack movies!!!


"Better off Dead" is a great movie! I like just about any movie John Cusack is in.


This is not a post about movies we like, Jen and Tom. Stop trying to sidetrack the comments!

I can see why you didn't like The New World. It was slow and weird. I actually gave it three stars, but it probably deserves more like two and a half.

I thought Sin City was too violent (in a yucky way), but I actually fell asleep during it and Val turned it off.


loved Sin City
Better off Dead is pretty good too.


I would have to agree that Spaced Invaders was a horrible movie.

I also didn't think that Hostel was any good. It draggggggeeeeeeddd out so long then everything happened in the last 10 minutes of the movie. Wouldn't recommend it. (and I like dumb horror/gore movies)


Shark Boy and Lava Girl.....really bad! Oh and Schizopolis, I actually fell asleep, I never fall asleep during movies!


Yes, I think it can safely be said that if you are actually able to follow Schizopolis, there is something wrong with you.

Totally agree with the DaVinci Code - it catapulted to the top of my list of worst wastes of time and space. That and cat sweaters. Ick.


I don't do all my dvd rental through Netflix, but according to my ratings, these were my least fave 4 of 2005:
Shopgirl; Munich; New World and Must Love Dogs (John Cusack was of course wonderful in this movie, as always - not his fault the material was lacking! lol!)


I always rate my movies in Netflix even if I don't rent them there. You're obviously not a series Netflixer, Jennifer.

My worst for 2005 were Sharkboy and Lavagirl, The Pacifier, Sin City, and Stealth. They all got one star.

I gave Shopgirl and Must Love Dogs two stars each, so I'm basically right there with you. I haven't seen Munich yet.


I also want to mention that so far my worst movie for 2006 award goes to Bubble. This movie is in a whole new category of really bad movies, folks.


shopgirl...hated it


William Arnold, How dare you include "O Brother Where Art Thou"? That is such a classic movie! Anyway, Diana and I went to see "The New World" (her choice of course) a while ago, and I was asleep within 15 minutes. Worst movie EVER! As far as "Timeline" goes, I would just say that you can like a movie for its underlying science and philosophy, without thinking the plot or script are up to par.


I actually read the book for Timeline and liked it. The movie was annoyingly bad, though.

As for O Brother Where Art Thou, I have two words: bor ing. The music was kind of cool, but otherwise, I don't get what people see in it.

Adam on Bill's Hypocrisy

I would just like the record to show that my brother, Bill Arnold Jr., who just told me that "O Brother Where Art Thou" is a bad movie, has listed "RUDY" as one of his favorite movies of all time on the Samson Cousins Blog!
"RUDY"????????? R U SERIOUS?!?!?


Rudy is awesome, dude. I dare you to watch it and not shed a single tear for the feisty little hobbit.

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