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June 07, 2006



I'm a Talbotian at heart, so Fuller's statement makes me nervous. It seems that this statement argues against a level of precision that the 'conservative scholars' I've read are not intending. Inerrancy does not involve 21st century precision, but the level of historical/scientific/etc precision accepted in the culture of the writer. IOW, I lean more toward Erickson's definition. Inerrancy, honestly, probably has a lot in common with the practice of rounding in stats/math. Rounding causes apparent errors that are not errors because they are within accepted limits.

Inerrancy is important to me because if the bible cannot be trusted with simple facts, then how can it be trusted with deeper truths? If the writers were loosey-goosey with mundane things how do we know they were not so with spiritual things?

On the other side, I can certainly see where those in my theological box respond to a denial of inerrancy without listening to the holder of the position and understanding what they are claiming. This happens a lot and it is unfortunate.


Your comments are helpful, Laura. Your view of inerrancy (and Erickson's) is not what I normally associate with the term. I'm used to people who claim that the Bible is absolutely factual in every way possible (i.e. scientific and historical) and from a standpoint of 21st century precision. It sounds like we agree that this is an inappropriate standpoint from which to approach the Bible.


Indeed. Too bad more biblical theologians and exegetes forget that all important maxim: context, context, context.


I wonder why they felt the need to write this at all. The subject is not biblical inerrancy at all. They are stating that they do not find everybody's interpretation of end time events to be inerrant and that quite possibly the scriptures do not give the full picture with complete timeline of the end times.

While I find that refreshing I wonder why they lumped it together with inerrancy.

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