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June 18, 2006



That's cool.


That looks like a fun thing to do... Happy Father's Day, Beej!!
Have you ever received the email w/ chalk art done by the guy who does 3D stuff? or so it seems? When you photograph his work from particular angles it looks completely like it's popping from the sidewalk yet it is truly just 2D... I'll have to see if I still have a copy of that saved... you'd love it!


The rhino is great. Cool artwork.

I took Caleb to Bestbuy to look at mp3's, the pet store (to look at animals he will never own), and then my parent's house.

Basically low key as well.


The rhino was my favorite, too. I also really liked the Indian looking one with the cross-hatching. Unfortunately, it didn't come out too well in the photo.


That's the one... he's got a lot more stuff on some random email that's going around... but there's quite a few on his website


Wow! That's some crazy stuff. Thanks for giving me the link.


Wow....he's amazing!

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