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May 15, 2006



You left out Fish & Chips at the Argyle!! Shame on you!


You're right. That IS a good one.


How about the chicken finger platter at Applebees? Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Now I'm hungry again. Wait...I'm always hungry. Nevermind.


I cannot believe that I did not see any Macaroni Grill on this beast!


Val and I are not big fans of Macaroni Grill. She actually worked there for a little while, by the way, around the time we met.


I am sooooooooo hungry!


Caleb has requested that we go out to eat somewhere where they'll give him crayons and a paper to draw on....so we are headed to Applebees for dinner tonight. Yummmm.
(as opposed to getting a Happy Meal)


Those burger places sound good, i'll have to give them a try. If you are looking for a quick, and cheap burgers, fried, onions rings etc... check out Hi Life Burgers in So. Pas. That's where we go. It's not the best, but it's pretty good, and really cheap. I think burgers/cheese burgers are just a bit over $2. Small fries or onion rings are about $2 and will feed two adults alone. They have a good selection of other foods like: breakfast items, pastrami sandwiches etc.... It's located on Fair Oaks just south Vons. It's on the same side of the street just past Chevron and Panda.

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