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April 20, 2006



I can agree with the Bloomin Onion and the Skillet Queso. The Bloomin Onion is great if you have head congestion - clears it right up.


Ok...it's 8am and I'm ready for lunch already.
I personally like the chicken fingers at Applebees...and good Jalapenio (sp?) poppers.


Not a comment on the appetizers, but your picture at the top makes me feel nostalgic about the good old days when I was working with pc boards!!



Bloomin Onion is always good...
the mozzarella sticks at Bardi's (aka Rythm & Brews) are to die for!
But my favorite appetizer to get is Spinach Artichoke Dip - MMMmmmm!


Oh Jennie....you have to try Trader Joe's S&A dip...GOOD!

I'm w/ bill on the Fried Mozzz balls and Cavalier Fries!


Yay! GOOOOOO OUTBACK! (you know jonathan and i were both former outbackers and i'm now becoming recurrent)


Really Linds....I thought you were working for some country club?


Ewww... Aussie cheese fries? Y'all know that this is an entirely American invention, don't you? No self respecting Australian would put anything other than vinegar on their chips!

I saw an Outback restaurant once, from a distance. I couldn't bring myself to go inside, I was quite sure the cultural cringe would kill me :-)

Trish, in Australia.


Hi, Trish. Sorry about the fake Australian ambience. I do like some of the food, though!

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