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March 11, 2006


Just Me

Since we're "into that sort of thing" we're always praying!

Aunt Laurie

We will definitely be praying for you, as well. We know that God will lead you as you yield your decisions to Him. We love you all!


Wow! You guyz!!! The Sams praying too!


I am into that sort of thing. I will.


Looks like you have a lot of people who are "into that sort of thing." Count us in, too. I hope things work out. Of course, you guys are always welcome back in NJ!!

dave paisley

Didn't see that one coming. You are definitely in my prayers for whatever lies ahead.


Thank you, everyone.

dave paisley

Bill - I'm just curious to see if you're willing to write a bit about what caused you to decide to move in a different direction. I'm sure it must be a bit more momentous than the few words written there.

But if not that's fine too :)


It has been a struggle all along because I wasn't sure what I was going to do after obtaining my degree. I haven't been all that satisfied with my classes and it's a lot of work for something that your heart isn't in.

Meanwhile, I did my first semi-real film composing job and, even though it was very difficult, it made me want to do it all the more.

At first, I was just going to take less classes at Fuller, but I realized that I didn't even want to do that. I would much rather be taking composing-related classes.

We also just need the money I can earn from working more. I really don't like having a million things going on in my life, so the idea of working more and going to school doesn't appeal to me. Not that I would go to school even if I had the money at this point. Once I made the decision to stop, I was relieved. I enjoy learning about theology, etc., but I feel more passionate about composing and film in general.

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