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February 18, 2006



Dunking is overrated anyway. At least if you're a runner you can get away from stuff real fast!


True. There aren't many other applications for dunking ability.

Seriously, I realized that I'd probably lose whatever I gained in a few months anyway, whereas I hope to keep running until forced to stop.


I find running to be a great way to get my head clear and think through things. When I can't run I feel very tense. "My name is Tom and I'm an endorphin addict!"


I agree with you guys...running is fun. I usually run at night when traffic is fairly light & there aren't many others out and about. I spend the time praying and thinking. I have, so far, refused to bring a radio with me. It is my quiet time. No kids, no music, no wife (luv ya dear), no distractions.


I have brought an mp3 player with me on occasion, but I actually find it to be a distraction. It does get a little boring when you're running an hour or more, though.

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