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February 13, 2006



It seems a little over done on the book side of things.

Are you going to take this class?
If you do, let me know what you think...


No, I'm not planning on it. I would be interested to see what they say, though.

This was the sentence that struck me as particularly strange:

"This course explores both theoretical (including scriptural) and practical dimensions of this relatively new field." (emphasis mine)

I'm not trying to knock the idea that spiritual warfare exists. I just don't know what to think about it being described like it's a chemistry class or something.


Relatively new field. Lol, that is kind of funny.


I think that it is funny that it is an elective. Hmmm, there is no final exam, makes you wonder how you could test something like that (not just the book knowledge, but the practical application). Exam Question #1: Rain fire down on (insert city of choice). Question #2: Predict the next person Pat Robertson will accuse of being of the devil.


I've read some of these books and they are not very academic. Thus one issue is that they don't really explore the hermeneutic used in reading scripture and coming to the view they do, nor do they really address some of the big theological questions that are involved such as "what does this say about God's sovereignty" or "are people getting saved contingent upon our prayers". I think also many of them have an uninformed opinion of what it means to "loose" and "bind". For a good examination of what this means see JH Yoder "Body Politic" Chapter 1.

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