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February 13, 2006



He's a boy! Swords are cool! All his reasoning is focused on justifying his wanting a sword. Sounds like a normal kid to me!


"bible stories" are evil man, let's start a movement!
Seriously, I've encountered the same thing with my kids, life is weird...


It is actually a logical conclusion. God wanted this to happen, so they did what he wanted. Wouldn't have worked if the soldiers had said no. Silly Bill. ;-)
Kids make us rethink our web of belief and find different ways of expressing that belief.


Caleb asked me yesterday "if God is our shield and defender (he used those words - I swear!), then why can't he stop bullets. I found myself trying to explain the concept of a divine plan, the great joy of going to heaven, the evils of man. I didn't do so well. Oy vey.


We've been talking about this in our film discussion group. I find it difficult to explain theological concepts to my son that I have questions about myself!


I'm finding that the stories about the beliefs of our children illustrate some of the points being made over in the comments of the What Web? posting. As we mature, what we belive matures and changes. Right now Jacob does not believe in gravity. He'll learn, I hope.


He's a boy. His belief in gravity is relative to what he is doing at the time.
"You mean I can't fly...even if I have a cape?"


I know it's not related in any way - but what a cute boy!!!
Seriously though, Child Logistics is a funny thing. I'd have to say that Liam reasoned it out pretty well for a 4 yr old - smart boy! Must have a real intelligent aunt or something - ;oP


That is one cute kid.


Thanks, Jason. You guys should have seen the way he was getting into the story. It was cool.

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