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January 31, 2006



I like the foreign films idea and have two suggestions in that category. Run Lola Run from Germany and Life is Beautiful from Italy. (or maybe another Italian movie by Roberto Benigni). Perhaps a little cliche', but just because art is popular doesn't mean it's not ass-kicking.

Secondly, at one point there was a social justice/epic struggle type theme suggested. I think the main idea was movies like Amistad, Schindler's List, Hotel Rwanda, etc...I'm interested in resurrecting this theme, although I won't cry if it's rejected. It could help to balance out the existential tailspins we all seem to be experiencing as a result of seminary education. Although I really don't know how many consecutive Sundays I could handle of this type of movie.

Whatever way we go, I'm content as long as it's not M. Night. I generally tend to avoid terror at all costs.


Good thoughts, Holly. I'm all for the social justice theme. Your picks for foreign films are good although I've seen Life is Beautiful a lot of times (which for me is like 4!).

I think we should do both themes at some point.


How about watching the films of Baz Luhrman? There are only three: Strictly Ballroom, Romeo and Juliet, and Moulin Rouge.


Dang it!!! Let's cry together. I know you don't really believe in death Bill, but let's get a loss-of-someone-close theme going:

In America (darn good, really darn good)
Love Liza (......good..sad..but good. Philip Seymour Hoffman rocks this flick)
Sleepless in Seattle ( I heart late night radio talk shows. Do YOU?)
Simon Birch ( good movie. little people can impact!!!)
My Girl (come on...Val? Holly?)
I know there's a lot of these. COME ON LET"S SUCK IT UP and deal with some some painful stuff for a few weeks.


If you go with Travis's idea, you should watch "Love Story" - What a tear-jerker!

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