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January 31, 2006



Hmmmm, the goal is getting smaller as the year progresses. By the end of February, will you simply be happy with how high you can currently jump? ;-)

I have been trying to run more myself. I have good weeks (where I get out 4 times) and I have bad weeks (where I don't get out at all). I feel your pain.


lol...I knew that was going to sound wrong. I'm simply coming to grips with the fact that I don't REALLY need to gain 15 inches in order to be happy with my jumping ability.

Glad to hear you're running. Once I get back into it I'm hoping to run a few 10Ks this year.


Cool. Good luck with that. I want to get out and do a couple of 5k's this year.

Just Me

How can you be getting old when I'm not? It's attitude, my boy, attitude.


It's hard to argue with my joints.


Most days I'm happy just to be able to get out of bed :-(


Tom!!! That's sad, man. You gotta pop up and give that bed a kick in the butt! ;-)


I, on the other hand, am rarely happy about having to get out of bed (especially as early as work, my kids, my wife dictate). It's going to bed that I have issues with.

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