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January 05, 2006



Have a good day at school!
Love you!

Just Me

So - How was it?


Pretty good. John Drane is nice. Seems easy going. It looks like we're going to be spending a lot of time learning "background" new testament stuff. The thing that kinda stinks is he is not giving us a reading schedule. We're just kind of on our own as to what to read.

Nancey Murphy is nice as well. That class may be hard, but she went over the topics and they look great. It looks like we will be spending time exploring how postmodern philosophy can be applied to theology.


So, it's Tuesday - did you survive?


Just barely. It was a very long day in which I coughed a lot!


did you know that Drane shared a hot tub with Shirley MacLaine while doing some stuff on new age spirituality. He's an interesting guy with an equally interesting family! Enjoy.


lol...maybe I'll ask him about that. He'll probablybring it up, though. I'm enjoying him so far.

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