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December 07, 2005


Just Me

How about "The In-Laws (#1)" or "Father of the Bride" or "Steel Magnolias"?


I'm excited about this - I think we should watch "The Story of Us". Super good. Also strongly affirm the "Raising Arizona" and "Godfather" choices. Another suggestion is "Life as a House".

Erin (Holly's best friend)

I would love to join this fun group of movie watchers as I love a good movie. I second Holly's "the story of us" (perhaps my favorite movie dealing with the realities of modern marriage, plus I heart Rob Reiner)and "life as a house". Another idea Hol and I had regarding future movie discussions is the genre of Mockumentaries (Spinal Tap, A Mighty Wind, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Trekkies (real documentary but mocking trekkies so it fits), Waiting for Guffmann).


Those are good additions to the list, Holly. If everyone could affirm some of those already on the list (as Holly did) and add your own ideas, I will compile a smaller list and then we'll vote on them.


I am disappointed "Napolean Dynamite" did not make the list



We'd love to have you join our fun group of movie watchers, or the F.G.M.W. as we like to call it.


I can add it to our list of movies to vote on.


What about "Meet the Parents"


Rob! Does this mean you will be flying out to California for our meetings?


I would be there if I could and who knows I am supposed to move this summer so I could end up in CA. I might be at Los Angeles AFB.


That would be VERY cool!


Good times. here's what i am throwing in the mix.
1.Bottle Rocket
2.the Godfather
4.raising arizona
5.and any of the other older flicks like kramer vs.kramer,

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