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October 03, 2005



wow! That sounds like a trippy class. I probably shouldn't have read that first thing on a Monday morning.


They often set themselves apart by what they wore, their diet, and by physically separating themselves from society. Think of John the Baptist. I never thought about that being a socio-political statement before.


Ezekiel was a good example of that - lying on his left side for over a year, cooking his food over cow manure,shaving his hair and beard, burning the hair -all to dramatize God's judgment of Jerusalem.
What a fun lifestyle!


this does cause some serious thinking...
those speaking prophetically to culture maybe shouldn't look like culture? are the amish on to something? where is the balance?


Beautiful, I love prophecy in reality. Like a foresight hypothesis of the unpredictable movement of chaos.Check out the poetry blog I started, http://naked-superstar-sapphire-ninja.blogspot.com/

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