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October 15, 2005



Nice pictures, guys. I'm glad you had fun. Bill, Mindy & I were listening to Compline this morning, and I have to say I like it more with each listen. Thanks for making it.


I agree with Tom on that one. Was listening to it on Thursday at work. I was a little tense and it helped me relax (mentally).
Debbie and I were commenting on how much we miss the good music you did on Sundays at church. Hope the new church appreciates what they have.
That's a great shot of you and Liam.


I took it, so I'll accept the credit! ;)

love that you guys pop in on the blog so that we can keep up with you! When are you going to start your own.....after the kids/leaders blogs you are pros!


I would love to, I just don't think that we have the time to do it well right now (without 3 week gaps). You never know, maybe we will get the free time sooner than we expect. How about you? While we all love Bill, it would be nice to have your perspective, I bet you would be great at blogging!


Yeah, Valerie, what about you?


It could be titled:
"The World according to Val"
or "Valisms" or
"Val-id Thoughts" something cool and clever (to match the blogger). ;-)


LOL.....You all are crazy! Or as they say from whence we came yous guys are crazy!

Val-id, ha, I like it!

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