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September 08, 2005


Just Me

Singable - but intriguing; some nice rhymes; notice that you had to use the "right"order at the end of the song. Love the slur (probably not the right word, but you get what I mean)into "be in obedience" - overall, a lovely job. I award it first prize and hope you get the big bucks!




I'm not an expert so this is just an opinion: I think it's very good. It got into my head, and only really good or really bad songs get stuck there. So in my book it's a winner!


dude, you are a composing machine!


I think you know by now that I always love everything you write. So, it might not mean much, but I think it's awesome! Fun to listen to. Absolutely LOVE the end!


What can I say....I love it, too! Great job!


I love it! I've played it several times over. May your day be blessed.


The rythem is great, amazing tone of voice. Piano piece was wonderful (as music is in your family) and guita accompanyment-ace! Can listen to it over n over again. Puts Gods message through well! Bless you.

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