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September 21, 2005



Congrats! Tell Pastor Charlie that I am disappointed that he didn't post your name and email up on the staff list by last night.

Stop by later.


that's great!!


Congrats. Viva la Torrance...The inland empire!!


Congrats!!! What a relief, I am sure. We'll pray for Valerie and the job.
Say hi to all for me.


We've not met, but apparently we will--I lead the college group at TFB and play guitar in the first service band. So I'll see ya some Sunday.

I've been reading your blog for awhile; it'll be good to meet you in person.



Hi, Laura. That's pretty cool. We'll be at the first service this Sunday so I guess we'll be able to meet you then.


I came home from work today to tell Laura, my roommate, that the new 2nd service worship leader's bio was in the annoucements Andrea, the TFB secretary, sent me today. (She sends me the worship order for 2nd service and the sermon notes every week so I can put the sermon and both services into EasyWorship ahead of time.)
Laura, it seems, already knows all about you from your blog.
Anyway, welcome to TFB and although I don't do 2nd service - I teach High School Sunday School during that hour -I'm sure we'll meet. After all, now YOU will be responsible for sending me 2nd service order. (he, he)
Since you'll be at 1st service this week, pop by the front row and meet the lady with the laptop -that would be me projecting the service. Congrats.

Aunt Laurie

We are really happy for you and for the job for Val, too. We know that you both will do an excellent job. Our prayers are with you all. Love you lots, Uncle Bob and Aunt Laurie

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