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July 08, 2005



I think true art comes about as an expression of the artists' feelings. I don't think you can restrict that to an attribute like safety. That sounds like censoring yourself, which could make the art bland or boring. Of course, some people go to the extreme of creating art for the express purpose of being shocking or offending, which in my opinion makes their work sterile and lifeless.

BTW, the slogan in question touts the radio stations playlist and air personalities as being "safe" or appropriate for family members of any age to listen to.(But I know you knew that)


in the context of that radio station targeting is demographic and audience, and I've got one in my area with the same slogan, it's exactly the kind of thing that will generate loyalty among listeners who are young parents with younger children.. the slogan surely should not be applied to the entire art world. but to 1 radio station on the dial, that's ok by me. Beats Howard Stern.


Several years ago I stumbled into an art show in Italy (it was in a cool building). The title sounded innocent enough but the actual show was overtly sexual naked women. Not the place I would want to answer the questions my kids would raise. There is a reason for children's museums, they are safe for kids and the whole family. When I listen to a station with that slogan, I don't have to worry about what the DJ is going to say in between songs, and I don't have to worry about the lyrics. I don't have to worry about having difficult conversations on someone else's schedule. When the kids are older, then they can be taught how to discern art on the own. Until then, I am glad there is a safe refuge.

Theophilus Punk

I used to snicker at stuff like that. But then one day I took my ten year old to Best Buy, and someone played a Kid Rock cd really loud. And suddenly I found myself explaining things I wasn't yet ready to explain.

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