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April 09, 2005



I had been reading a book called "Sacred Pathways" by Gary Thomas. I never got around to finishing yet, but basically it says that not everyone connects to God in the same way. It talks about different "pathways". One of them is contemplative. some people are just wired that way. Other pathways in the book (not sure if this is an exhaustive list or just what he came up with) are:

One point he tries to make is to find your main pathway so you know the way you best connect with God. He also says to try other pathways so you don't become stagnant.

I'm have a tought time with the contemplative stuff too. I think it is best to not try to do too much. Try going at it a little at a time.


That sounds like a good book, Kevin. I heard about it awhile ago, b ut never prioritized it enough to buy it. I won't be able to buy it now, but I'll put it up higher on my Amazon wishlist!

Just Me

The struggle is within, I believe, not in the busyness of the world - although that adds to it. In the classic "classic" - "Clouds of Unknowing" -which I have been reading sporadically, the point is made that we are not all meant to be contemplatives. The dichotomy was shown through the example of Mary and Martha. Mary being a contemplative; Martha an activist. Although I long to be a Mary, I believe that I am hard wired to be a Martha?! I don't know how to escape "doing" -especially when it isn't getting done otherwise.

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