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April 03, 2005


Just Me

You know how I feel about "I Cry Aloud" (Senior is sitting here crying himself) - but this recording just lacks a little something - not sure how to describe it - on the chorus. Confidence? God does, after all, "answer" us. I definitely think the fourth verse of "It Is Well"would be a perfect fit with the expressed yearning for that day to come when Jesus will wipe away our tears. Or, (is it copyrighted?) a verse that begins with the first two lines of verse four then "but until that day comes, Thou hast taught me to say...) - something like that. Then add a reprise of the chorus of "I Cry Aloud" on the end? Just thinking aloud.
And, having said all that, may I add: You speak my heart's cry and longing with this song. Thank you.


Senior? You make him sound so old! ;-)

Thanks for the comments. I was thinking the same thing about a final chorus. Is the "confidence" thing a problem with the vocal or are you saying I should build up the instrumental part a little more. Perhaps I could add some strings or a similar "pad." I just re-listened to the song and I see what you mean. Back to the drawing board! I find it particularly exhausting (mentally) to be trying to engineer my own vocals. I need an objective ear and someone to be recording multiple takes and using the best ones. I have the problem, when I try to re-record just one phrase, that the tone quality of my voice will be somewhat different, or I have the mic a different distance from my mouth...it's a pain, but hopefully I'm slowly learning!

Oh, and "It is Well" is in the public domain. I don't want to change the words really and I think the 1st verse is more familiar to people. If I were doing it live, I might do both verses, but I don't think I want to do that on the recording.


Hi Bill,
This is Jason from that conversation over at the Tony Jones post on Emergent.US blog. No, I really am sorry. I really had no business over there commenting. I really was in a snotty mood that day. I appreciate the emergent conversation quite a bit. I even went to the San Diego convention in 2004. I fell in love with it. I was enamored with Doug and the others. Then honestly I think I set my expectatins way too high. My bad. I appreciate your attitude in all your responses. It's very respectful and kind. I'm sure your the kind of guy I could be friends with.
I've been a little overwhelmed lately at the amount of debating that is going on. Kind of insane. I've actually asked a few questions before ( I thoght respectfully and got flamed) maybe that was the cause of my tone that day. I still have lots of them(questions) and not sure where to pose them. Maybe Jesus would be a good start.
May Gods kingdom advance! Jason

( Um, I didn't post this over there as to not clog up the already mad thread it is.)


Hi, Jason. Thanks for your reply. Hey, you can ask me questions anytime! Some of the debate overwhelms me sometimes, too. I just try to remind myself that this conversation is something I have benefitted from, but it's not like I have to spend all my time defending Emergent.

Just Me

I was thinking about the vocals again this morning and realizing that part of the "strength" when I've heard it before comes from the harmonized other voices who usually enter on the chorus. And - "Senior" is a distinguishing characteristic - as in not "Junior" as you are - not a matter of age. He was "senior" at 23!


Well I spent a good amount of time reworking the vocals and fiddling with a few other things this afternoon. Give it another listen when you get a chance.

Just  Me

Better on the chorus - still waiting to hear a little reprise of I Cry Aloud at end


I don't think I'll do that. I think I'm going to keep it more linear. I've tried it that way on at least one Sunday morning before and I just didn't like it for some reason.

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