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April 27, 2005


Just Me

"Beauty is truth,truth beauty:That is all ye know on Earth and all ye need to know."?? The problem seems to me to be in the definition of "useful."


Agreed. I heard a Talbot prof talk about the effect beauty has on goodness. He challenged us to look at a beautiful flower and try to be angry. I think he, and Ryken, are correct. Looking at creation tells us that God cares about beauty. Should we not also?


I agree w/ Ryken's "bold claim". Beauty often provides hope. I have seen tennaments, it takes a rare person to rise above the condition of where they are. Social issues such as the ones mentioned in your post need beauty, I dare say in order to work.

Cara Fletcher

I ma not sure what is more valuable the facts or an artist's work.Because the artists had put many strengths to create his work and the facts are just facts.When you look at a work of an artist you can contemplate and just relax.With the facts it's not like that.

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