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March 28, 2005


Bob Robinson

Interestingly, this line of thinking runs parallel to what I blogged recently concerning the image of God and the "purpose driven life".
The image of God in man is all about authority.

As DJA Clines wrote, ""Whereas in the rest of the Ancient Near East the image of God was limited to the king, in Israel it was regarded as characteristic of mankind in general, without distinction between king and commoner, man and woman, or Israelite or non-Israelite. Likewise in Genesis 1 the concept of man’s rulership is connected in the strongest possible way with the idea of the image…‘let them have dominion…fill the earth and subdue it…’ (Gen 1:26-27). Man is not created in God’s image, since God has no image of his own, but as God’s image, or rather to be God’s image…he is the visible corporeal representative of the invisible, bodiless, God; he is the representative rather than the representation."


Bob, those are some interesting thoughts on image and authority. I'm going to give that some thought; it does fit nicely in the context of Genesis.

Bill, this is an interesting question - I think it fits with Wright's concept of acts in a play and our responsibility, as he frames it, of shaping the current act in keeping with the acts that have come before. In that sense, we (the community of God's people) are the authorities of the current act but live within the bounds (authority) of the acts that have come before.

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