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March 23, 2005



I think we view authority through an industrial age lens, like God is the cosmic manager of an assembly line or something. But biblical images of authority are more organic, like kings and shepherds. That authority is more organic and fluid. If something happens on the assembly line, it's easy to view it as the manager's fault, whether personally or because he or she failed to manage the workers - there's an implicit understanding of control over the minutiae. But if a subject does wrong or a sheep wanders off, the image is different. My thoughts, anyway...

Bob Robinson

Yes, Scott, or maybe we view God's authority through the lens of the nation/state authority. Nations and States with laws and governments is a rather novel idea. It was not the world of the Bible. They viewed "lords" and hierarchy of authority very different than we do today--especially our representative republic with the "rule of law" we have in America. They actually felt warm feelings toward a benevolent totalitarian king! They knew that a good king would love his people, and seek their best. It was not law, it was love (of course, not all the time, there were certainly evil rulers, but I think you understand what I'm saying).

What would happen if we tried to shed our ideas of authority based on "law" as we conceive of it today, and looked rather at authority based on "love"?

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