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March 22, 2005


Just Me

You just made that word up!?! Right?
I certainly think that this can happen - the splintering - but I don't think that they either implicitly or explicitly suggest that God has given us the wrong sort of book, but that "they" know exactly what the book says and "you" don't. (as Wright stated earlier) I just don't get the conclusion he draws.


Sorry. I'm skipping over parts of the article and that might make it harder to understand his conclusions.

I think he's talking about how God has chosen to convey truth to us through certain forms. Our "hermeneutical moves [and] translation procedures" are an attempt to abstract and even systematize that truth. It's as if we're saying the form God chose was not quite the best one. Perhaps we should realize that the forms we prefer actually serve to hinder the way that God has chosen to speak to and through us.

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