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March 19, 2005



This is a thorny one, because of what you commented previously about the danger of subjectivism. But here's my take - I think that what we have in scripture is God's revelation of Himself through the medium of personal and communal encounters. I don't think we can see scripture as a direct, unmediated revelation of God. We're always looking over someone else's shoulder, so to speak, even if only the shoulder of the author.

That being said, it's not as though scripture isn't written for and to us as well. There's something in the shared experience of God's people in which we encounter Him. That's why I liked Wright's description of revelation as acts in a play - I think it's a very helpful way to think of how we encounter scripture.


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Scott, that explanation of Scripture being "God's revelation of Himself through the medium of personal and communal encounters" sounds a little Neo-Orthodox to me. Do you have leanings in that direction?

Here's an article critiquing Grenz's stuff which is very similar to Wright's:



Not particularly - I like some of what I've read of Barth but I can't say that I'm fluent enough with Neo-orthodoxy as a whole to claim the label. I'm not really a label kind of guy.

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