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January 06, 2005



I was listening to NPR this morning and they were saying that part of the challenge is not just child trafficking but also that in some cases the children have been "simply" separated from their family. I think I would be horrified to find out that in my haste to help, I had actually taken a child from their family.

On the other hand, there has also been an increase of parents who want to give up their children, saying they cannot afford to care for them. How heartwrenching to make that decision.

I have friends who went through the international adoption process, in Guatemala. It took them three years to get all of the boys here, because there is so much concern about child trafficking, and for years in Guatemala they just didn't pay enough attention...

I will be praying for those children and their families, and you and yours as you seek God's guidance with this.

PS Why are you reading the Dictionary? And why that one?


Yeah, I understand all that. It's just sad how much red tape there is. We had to go and see our son and then wait for 13 months before we could take him home. Incidentally, everything was done in the U.S. after a couple of months. Somebody needs to help these other countries figure out how to get the job done faster.

I don't read the dictionary constantly, only when I need to look up a word. But that's still reading, isn't it?


Bill, the thought has crossed my mind as well. My wife and I had a lengthy discussion about this the other day. It seems that following a travesty of this magnitude all we do is talk, pray, question, sigh. My hope is that in the near future institutions will begin to create an infrastructure that allows our thoughts to become realities. It is really sad. Peace.

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