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January 04, 2005


Goyo in Nicaragua

Hey, snappy new format! Did you read N.T. Wright's article concerning the Asian Tsunamis? I have it linked on a post I made which contrasts it with an article written by John Piper on my blog. I can't wait to read "The Challenge of Jesus."


Yes, I read (or skimmed) both articles. Wright's seemed very sensible. While I may agree with some of what Piper was saying, I wonder about his wisdom quotient. This phrase, in particular, stands out:

"Christ calls us to show mercy to those who suffer, even if they do not deserve it."

It sounds like he's implying that these foreign pagans might not deserve our mercy, but we should help them anyway. Surely that's not what he meant, but I think the burden is on him to be a little clearer.

rick luoni


You may find that the more time you spend with Wright, the more you like him. I don't know you faith history or church background, but Wright is an Anglican and as you know fairly well respected. Many Christians really like him (me for one)he is very digestable. If you find yourself being opened spiritually, you may want to explore some of the scholars he references. E.P. Sanders formally of Duke Divinity has done some amazing work on the "Jewishness" of Jesus and has been very influential in Wright's scholarship.

I just posted someting very similar on my blog from Walter Wink that deals with some of the issues you addressed.

best wishes and God's peace in your continued journey with Christ,



I read this book 2 1/2 times (had to take it back to the library) and I liked it every time...and a half. I wish I could have articulated it as well as you, though.

I just found your blog through other random blogs. I like it.

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