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January 19, 2005



Bill - nice job of extending the right hand of dialogue! I never understood what could be so wrong with "discussing" thoughts & ideas... here's to hoping the convo can continue!


One thing I noticed is referring to this woman as "the author" or "she". I don't know what her name is off the top of my head, but maybe referring to her by her first name in our posts and all our comments would help to not create the vibe of us versus her. Just an idea. Thank you for your conversation and your willingness to give Carla the benefit of the doubt and not writing her off as someone not willing to listen.


I was trying to stay away from it sounding like a personal attack on someone, know what I mean? But I understand where you're coming from.

Aaron O.

I am impressed with the way you've handled this. Good work.


That makes sense. Good work.

Just Me

Nice going - If we in the church can't talk to one another, then how can we expect others to listen to what we have to say? I applaud your extending of "the right hand of fellowship."


You've done a great job responding. Carla is a member of my denomination, and I've been on the same discussion board with her before.

Thank you for taking this initiative - sort of reminds me of what the church is supposed to be like. ;)

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