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January 12, 2005


rick luoni

Nice post! God is "fuzzy". God will most like always be "fuzzy". Part of the issue surrounding "emergent" is that many are attempting to "emerge" from the theology that attempted to define God and place God in a systematic box. For me, I thank God that God is "fuzzy", God became so much bigger and more loving the "fuzzier" he became to me. Van Morrison has a song, "The Mystery" it is worth a spin. I just posted this elsewhere: God's cause is not cult, but humanity. (Hans Kuhn) We need to hold this close to our heart as we define our cult boundaries.


Karen H.

I've been kind of pondering this too Bill, especially in light of Will Samson's ideas regarding the establishment of an emergent society or association. I like the idea of emergent being a conversation - a port of entry, if you will, into a possibility that a life of faith can be more than most of us had known before. Good thoughts. Thank you.

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